Tom Richter was born in 1986 in Hanau. After an apprenticeship as an wholesales man he begun studying Communication-Design at the Faculty of Design in Darmstadt. Striving for ideas and concepts that lead to aesthetics, his work wobbles between seriousness and absurdity. Isn’t this what life is about?

The domain Contemporary Playground refers to the ever changing topics that come up by working as a graphic designer.


Tom Richter enjoys working in the fields of cultural and corporate design, he usually doesn’t like advertisment. (The stuff KK' is doing is great!). Looking for an unique graphical language that suit the purpose is what he does like. His homebase are identitys, book-design and websites. He also gathered some experiences in the field of exhibition design. He gained basic knowledge about web design autodidactically. It might sound weird, but likes the procedure of programming becoming design, as well as thinking of design as a sort of programming.


2016 – 2017
Working as freelance graphic designer
Surface Grafik, Frankfurt
Pixelgarten, Frankfurt
Gourdin & Müller, Leipzig
Hauser Lacour, Frankfurt

2015 – 2016
Working for Bureau Sandra Doeller, Frankfurt

Working for Studio Matthias Görlich, Darmstadt

2012 – 2013
Internship at London based studio Brighten the Corners

2010 – 2016
Studying graphics at the Faculty of Applied Science in Darmstadt

Tom Richter
Graphic Design