When the Sweating is Over

2013s graduates cataloge. After we encouraged our fellow students with the 'No Sweet without Sweat' poster, we later did the catalogue and entitled it 'When the Sweating is Over'. We aimed on producing it completly independent within the capabilitys of our faculty. Each graduated was given 4 spreads of content in which printed matters are if possible reproduced in scale 1:1, this does give the reader the ability to get a deeper sense of each project. Having only 4 days between the contribution of finished works and the opening of the exhibition made us stay in the department for the entire time to get all the images we need. By using a Risograph for printing we concluded streching the size as large as possible to get a maximum of details. The embossed cover was printed at a over 50 years old letterpress.

Project finished 15 minutes before conferment of diplomas. Staying awake 56 hrs. Big thanks to all those how helped us out!

Together with Marcus Alasovic.
Photographs by Felix Schöppner.

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